A young woman living in the UK goes viral because she said what she misses about Spain: “Windows…” – a trending topic

Moving to another country different from the one you were born and raised in is not an easy task.. Even less so if the customs at your destination are different from those you had before. Adaptation is a long process and is often not achieved, but it provides us with interesting videos like this one on social networks. The protagonist in this case is a young Spanish woman who went to live in the United Kingdom and explained what she misses most about our country.

I'm Spanish and these are the things I miss about Spain“, he wrote as a description of this video showing all the things he misses because they are unimaginable there. They are so diverse, from the windows to the floors of the houses or the customs there. Not to mention the long distances you have to travel from one place to another to meet someone.

This young woman explains what she misses most about Spain and is going viral

The thing this young woman misses most Carmen Living in the UK is Vitamin D deficiency. You have to take it in the form of pills because the sky there is always cloudy and there is no trace of the sun. the second, CurtainsIt is not there and you have to cover the window with a cloth to prevent light from entering. One of the most curious things is the window closing mechanism that cannot be opened completely because it has a safety lock.

The floor is another problem, because it is carpeted. Bugs Unwanted people you have no choice but to live with. But if there's one thing he misses, it's warm, fresh bread, something he couldn't find there, and every time he returns to Spain, he needs to buy it to remember how he feels. “No pancakes“, he complained. Of course Concerts Like Holy Week or the Fair, and even beer for one euro, something they don't have there.

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Networks' reaction to the viral video

The video received thousands of views and many comments, including Jeno, a former OT 1 contestant, who wrote: “The carpet makes me nauseous!!!!“And spiders??? Tells. They expressed that. “For what purpose do you open the windows just a crack?!?!?!?”, they asked. Although there is time for advice too: “Carmen, can you open the window completely? In case you didn't know (and I realized this can be done relatively recently), you have some sort of hook on the inside frame of the window that you can remove. I wish you all the best!” “He is very determined with spontaneous plans. “This is what I miss the most and what makes me feel lonely here in England because I still can't plan a date months in advance, because I depend on what my body asks of me every day,” they told her. I don't feel alone. “What art you have, little girl… Every day you surprise me!“, they told him too.

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