The United Kingdom prohibits the use of the phone in any way while driving

Great Britain declares that it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. Details released by the UK Department of Transport specifically indicate this All uses of smart phones While driving a car you will face a penalty £200 And six points on your driver’s licence.

Sending is currently illegal text messages And Make calls while driving. However, all use of the mobile phone will be considered illegal from next year, including using it to play games or take photos among other applications.

The only exceptions are when the phone is used for contactless payments, for example at the window or tolls on the highway, using hands-free or Bluetooth applications, and navigation applications, such as wizzAnd As long as the mobile phone is installed on the base.

There is no phone in the car

In the UK, you will no longer be able to take photos or videos, scroll through a music playlist, or pick up a creature from Pokemon GO.

Drivers will not be able to use the smartphone even if their vehicle is not moving. The government will review highway icon To make it clear that being with the car while at rest, such as at traffic lights or in traffic, is still considered driving.

“A lot of deaths and injuries happen while holding cell phones. By making it easier to prosecute people who use their phones behind the wheel illegally, we are ensuring that the law enters the 21st century while at the same time protecting all road users further.”, said Grant Shapps, Britain’s transport minister.

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