The United Kingdom is warning of possible delays at its airports over Christmas

This content was published on Dec 08, 2022 – 15:34

London, December 8 (EFE) December 31.

Soella Braverman, the Conservative Home Secretary, said: “If the strikes continue, there will undoubtedly be serious disruption for thousands of people with travel plans.”

“It is very unfortunate that they took the decision (to strike) at those critical times before and after Christmas and New Year’s,” he added.

Braverman urged citizens to “rethink” their vacation plans “because they could be affected.”

The minister confirmed that the army, which has no right to strike, is expected to be used to fill some passports and other checkpoints, but warned that even then there would be delays.

“The priority is to maintain border security,” he told the media.

A thousand British Border Force staff who handle customs and immigration control at British airports have called for an eight-day strike over the Christmas period to protest their wages and working conditions.

PCS general secretary Mark Sirotka announced on Wednesday that strikes will take place between 23 and 31 December (excluding the 27th) at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and Manchester Airport (North East). England), Birmingham (central) and in Wales in Cardiff.

This same union simultaneously declared strikes among its members who work for the Department of Work and Pensions, the Highways Agency and the Driving Examinations Agency.

This is in addition to other strikes scheduled for the coming weeks in the UK, particularly among public service workers such as teachers, nurses, ambulance drivers and railway staff. EFE

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