The United Kingdom considers the trial of Jimmy Lai in Hong Kong a national matter

Hong Kong looks into the abyss of Chinese totalitarianism with the trial of a former media mogul and pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai.

In the midst of an unprecedented security apparatus, the trial of those accused of crimes against national security began in the autonomous Chinese city and former British colony on Monday.

Lai, 76, who has been imprisoned since December 2020, faces a possible life sentence in a case that has attracted massive media attention in both countries. Hong Kong As is the case in mainland China.

The businessman was arrested in the context of the coronavirus pandemic under a law National Security LawIt was supposedly approved to combat the pandemic, but has been used to silence dissent and mass riots against Beijing’s increasing control over the autonomous region.

Lai appeared before the judge, physically deteriorated and surrounded by prison guards. He greeted his relatives briefly, then sat in his seat in preparation for the first session in a long process expected to last at least eighty days. BBC.

In case Jimmy Lai It continues with great intensity in United kingdomThe arrest of the activist for defending human rights is considered a national issue, as he holds British citizenship.

British Foreign Minister, James CameronHe condemned the charges against Lai and the national security law under which he is being tried.

Cameron stated that “the National Security Act Hong Kong This is a clear violation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration. “Its power and use is evidence of China’s failure to meet its international obligations.”

“The law has been damaged Hong Kong Their rights and freedoms have been significantly eroded. He added, “The arrests made in accordance with the law silenced the voices of the opposition.”

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“I am very concerned about anyone facing prosecution under the National Security Law, and I am particularly concerned about the politically motivated prosecution of a British citizen.” Jimmy LaiCameron added.

“I urge the Chinese authorities to repeal the National Security Law and end the prosecution of all persons charged under it” and “I call on the Chinese authorities Hong Joong He concluded by saying: “To end the operation against Jimmy Lai and release him.”

Lay is the professional character human rights Most relevant to detainees and prisoners since the National Security Law was passed.

He was on the front line of the pro-democracy demonstrations known as Parachute movementAs well as in the protests against the extradition law.

Among the media outlets that he founded and managed, Apple DailyHe strongly criticized the government Hong Kong According to the directives dictated by the Chinese Communist Party from Beijing.

Born in South China In 1947, his family, which belonged to the wealthy class, lost all of its assets when the Communists seized power.

To save his life, Lai entered Hong Kong, then British rule, as a stowaway on a ship. He was only 12 years old and did not speak English.

To try to survive, he started working in… clothes factory. Over time, he learned the trade, rose and gained knowledge in a self-taught way until he founded his own clothing brand, Giordano, which became a multinational corporation.

In 1989 he changed sectors and entered the world of journalism Political activityHe saw this as a necessity to confront Beijing’s increasing interference in Hong Kong’s democracy.

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He was arrested in 2020, and received his first prison sentence in 2021 for participating in a vigil to commemorate the victims of the massacre carried out by China in the country. Tiananmen Square.

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