Tips to prevent age-related diseases

When we talk about healthy aging, we must be aware of this To prevent bad aging It is essential for older people to know the WHO definition of healthy aging.

WHO definition of healthy aging

We must keep in mind that healthy aging is a process in which a person is able to develop and maintain his physical and mental capabilities to enjoy old age. One of the best ways to achieve this pleasure and peace of mind is to hire a Health insurance for the whole family that meets your needs.

How can aging diseases be prevented?

Let’s see how these types of measures to prevent frailty in adults can be summarized and which will help them live as independently as possible.

Stay physically active

Normally, muscle function will decline due to aging, so that older people lose the energy needed to carry out daily activities. For all these reasons, exercise in older adults is essential for them to increase and maintain muscle mass throughout the aging process.

healthy food

Choosing a healthy diet is a way to Prevent cellular agingPrevent diseases in the elderly and enhance brain functions.

It is always a good idea to follow the Mediterranean diet, as it is beneficial for maintaining cardiovascular health. Seniors should always eat a balanced diet.

Sleep the necessary hours

Soil and its quality are important for maintaining a good memory and state of mind. Adults who sleep well and take naps experience healthier aging, reducing their risk of heart disease, obesity and insulin resistance.

Practice the recreational activities you want

Do the recreational activity you want Reduces the risk of diseases in old age. People who read at least one hour a day or engage in hobbies have a lower risk of developing dementia.

Visit your doctor regularly

Another tip for preventing diseases is to have regular medical check-ups. To do this, it is important to schedule and respect visits. In this way, diseases can be detected and various risk factors reduced.

Mental health care

Loss of hearing or vision, mobility problems, loss of family members or memory decline is something that can end up making older adults feel lonely and socially isolated.

For all these reasons, it is essential that we age healthily Doctor and personal care for the elderly Depression, loneliness and stress can be managed in the best way.


Now, as you know, if you want you or your family members to be healthy as they grow older, you already have a series of tips to advise them so that they can enjoy better health.

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