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A study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois showed that caffeine, especially in yerba mate, has beneficial effects in the fight against obesity.

Especially after the holidays, the fats eaten in excess with traditional cravings and food addiction leave their memory even at the level of extra pounds. So we can replace it with a good coffee as the latest scientific research by researchers at the University of Illinois indicates to restore shape.

The scientific study was conducted on mice in laboratories in Illinois and confirmed previous studies that showed that caffeine intake reduces the health risks of high-sugar and high-fat diets.

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The results of the research, published in the Scientific Journal of Functional Foods, revealed that caffeine contained in beverages such as tea and coffee would be able to reduce fat storage and reduce triglyceride production, with the consequent ability to contain it. Weight gain and cholesterol production.

After a month of eating fat and caffeine

 The mice experiment lasted for a month. A diet consisting of approximately 40% fat, 45% carbohydrates, and 15% protein was imposed on the animals. Related to this diet, one group of rats was given decaffeinated coffee while the other group drank caffeine, which is mainly in yerba mate, the equivalent of 4 cups of tea or coffee that a human would consume in a day.

After a month of testing, the amount of body fat on members of both groups left no doubt. Mice that ate fat and caffeine accumulated less fat than those that didn’t.

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In fact, the data shows that mice that consumed caffeine in addition to fat gained 16% less weight and accumulated 22% less body fat than the control group.


 Caffeine reduces fat accumulation in fat cells by between 20 and 41%. From these data it can be said that the caffeine in tea, yerba mate and coffee works favorably against obesity. Also read all about coffee and how to make good coffee with mocha.


It is always advisable to consult your doctor or specialist in case of certain diseases.

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