The United Kingdom condemned Iran's actions against Israel

An Israeli F35 fighter jet, part of the Israeli defense that has intercepted 99% of Iranian attacks, including drones, cruise missiles and surface-to-surface missiles, was launched from Iran against Israel overnight. The United Kingdom and many countries and groups, such as the G7, condemn this attack and classify it as a reality that exacerbates the situation in the Middle East. Photo by EFE/Abeer Sultan

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron summoned the Chargé d'Affairs at the Iranian Embassy in the United Kingdom, Mehdi Hosseini Mateen, to his official office on Sunday, following the dangerous and unnecessary Iranian attack against Israel yesterday.

Cameron confirmed in a statement that the UK sentence In the strongest terms, the unprecedented attack against Israel. As well as violating the airspace of Jordan and Iraq.

He added: “At a time of great tension in the Middle East, this was an extremely dangerous and unnecessary escalation by Iran.”

The external statement also indicates this The UK calls for the immediate release of the civilian ship MSC Aries and its crewWhich was seized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard navy yesterday in international waters.

He added: “The Iranian authorities must take important and immediate steps to calm tensions and stop their reckless and illegal behavior.”

The Foreign Office also stressed that the UK will continue to support Israel's security and the security of all regional partners, such as Jordan and Iraq.

“We will also continue to work with our international partners to protect and defend stability in the region,” he added.

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