Iran summons the ambassadors of the United Kingdom, France and Germany in protest

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Cameron reiterated his condemnation of the attack during a phone call with his Iranian counterpart

Madrid, April 14 (European Press) –

The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of the United Kingdom, France and Germany to protest their “irresponsible stance” by declaring its unconditional support for Israel in the face of the attack launched by Tehran last night.

According to a statement compiled by the semi-official ILNA news agency, the Iranian government informed the three ambassadors – Simon Shercliff, Nicholas Roche, and Hans-Udo Motzel, respectively – that what happened last night was a retaliation for the attack against the Islamic Republic. The Syrian consulate in Damascus, which Tehran attributes to Israel, is fully justified in the right to self-defense stipulated in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, reiterating its commitment to the principles and objectives of the United Nations Charter, as well as international law, is determined to resolutely defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests against any unlawful use of force,” the Iranian ministry told the diplomats.

Later, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron reiterated his condemnation “in the strongest terms” of the Iranian attack on Israel during a phone call with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

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“I have made clear that Iran must stop these reckless attacks, de-escalate and release the MSC Aries,” he said on social media from Iran and the UAE.

The previous day, Cameron had indicated in another message on social media that Tehran's “reckless” attacks on Israeli territory “will only inflame tensions in the Middle East.” He added, “The United Kingdom calls on the Iranian regime to stop this dangerous escalation that benefits no one.”

Israel confirmed that the direct Iranian attack – which Tehran announced under the name “Operation True Promise” – included the launch of 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles, of which “99 percent” were intercepted by Israeli defense systems.

Tehran defended that these attacks came within the framework of a legitimate response and its right to “self-defense” after the bombing of its consulate in Damascus, for which it held Israel responsible, and which led to the killing of seven members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from the pro-Iranian militias, a member of Hezbollah, and an Iranian advisor, And two civilians.

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