Download the APK for free and activate Black Mode

Whatsapp plus It introduced the “black” version and to the delight of many people, this application is compatible with Android devices.

Download WhatsApp Plus V17.20.2 and activate Black Mode on your Android smartphone. | Edit

WhatsApp Plus Black It is one of the versions of WhatsApp Plus. This APK provides additional features and a special dark color scheme interface for internet users who want to reduce eye strain when using the app in low-light environments.

If you like black color and want your WhatsApp Looks so elegant, feel free to read this step-by-step guide today We bring you, well with the new APK to WhatsApp Plus V17.20.2It is completely free, you can activate it “Black Mode” In a few seconds.

Download WhatsApp Plus Black V17.20.2 and activate black mode

In case you don't know, ver WhatsApp Plus Black V17.20.2 It's exclusive to Android, so if you're an iPhone user, it's best not to even try it, as you might run into problems.

Before you start downloading WhatsApp Plus Black V17.20.2, we advise you to make a copy of your chats. Goal, So you don't lose your information.

  • Download WhatsApp Plus Black V17.20.2 APK in this connection.
  • Run the APK file, and you must give it all the corresponding permissions of Google Chrome so you can install it.
  • At that time you must enter your cell phone number and receive a verification code in WhatsApp Plus.

To change the appearance and/or color of the logo WhatsApp You must have the complementary application installed called: Nova Launcher, which is exclusively compatible with Android devices, for which you must enter the Google Play Store.

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Download APK of WhatsApp Plus Black V17.20.2 for free. filming.

After installing the app, you will have the option to customize the interface color scheme and name by clicking on the WhatsApp logo. You can activate “Black Mode”, “Orange Mode” and more using this app.

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