The union reported 76 complaints related to electoral crimes and 12 detainees

Three hours after the polls closed, the Chief Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes (FEDE), Jose Ortiz Benchetti, said, There were 76 complaints reported for electoral crimes across the country.

The Public Prosecutor confirmed that the institution had received “very few complaints”, with the destruction of electoral materials being the most accused crime, with a total of 15 charges.

The most frequently reported offenses were material destruction, vote-buying allegations, suspension of benefits in social programs, and illegal voter credential collection.

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at the moment There are 12 detainees, a number that the attorney general has described as “exceptional”, and is distributed among the states of Mexico, Chihuahua, Zacatecas and Oaxaca.

The entities with the highest number of accusations were the state of Mexico, Oaxaca, Puebla and Mexico City.

Ortiz accused Benchetti that “most of these events, these manipulations and the withdrawal of voter credentials, occurred in a systematic way.”

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during the The third letter issued by the Prosecutor’s Office On June 6, the Attorney General confirmed that the candidates who had come to declare their victory – a few hours after the polls closed – They violated the law.

“They don’t have to declare themselves winners, they have to wait a few hours for quick vote-counting systems to give indications of how they won and who won,” he charged.

In addition, he questioned why candidates for elections would be labeled “historic,” if they themselves were dedicated to breaking the law by declaring themselves winners, and emphasized that what makes Election Day so memorable. is abundance.

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“This is my history (attendance) because it never happened and this election can be a reference for the future,” he added.

As of Sunday morning, 15 people were arrested in the state of Mexico and 17 others in Tamaulipas, for Reports of theft of electoral materials, coups and vote buying.

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