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As an unprecedented activity in the entity, the Juan Luna Molina School Center (Cejulu), located in Tlacomulco, in the state capital, carried out a Cultural and academic exchange with students from East Manchester Academy (TEMA), located in that region of the United Kingdom, thanks to the support of the Mexican ambassador to that country, Josefa Gonzalez Blanco.

in this meaning, Marilo Reyes ChavezCejulu, Director of Cejulu, explained that they sought to communicate with various Mexican embassies in other countries to carry out this activity, and Of the most interested persons were the above, From here they started the approach and achieved this Wednesday the first meeting between students School center.

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We are always looking for better opportunities for students, to strengthen their English level, personal relationships and to be agents of change, that’s why we are looking for those who can be there to promote English language, values ​​and multicultural relationships, confirmed.

He explained that the presentation they gave to the embassy was a virtual cultural exchange with the students, Sharing customs, traditions and language strengthening in both teachers and studentsIn addition, students from both schools will send messages in Spanish and English, respectively, about what Christmas is like everywhere.

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For her part, Andrea Nava Hernandez, a teacher of French at the secondary level and English at the primary level, pointed out that Prepare students about the history between Mexico and the United Kingdom, and the history of Manchester It is a part of the history of that country, as well as Tlaxcala of Mexico, so the historical and cultural exchange will allow them to obtain a greater amount of knowledge necessary for their future.

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He added that in coordination with English lessons gave the theme of Christmas and holidays that Tlaxcala enjoys, because they seek the state to be prominent and the sulho can represent it.

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During the virtual session Ambassador Josefa Gonzalez Blanco Encourage participants to always be themselves Everything they develop and not only in this activity, They are powerful, so they can use this power to make their dreams come true.

Finally, he indicated that he hoped the exchange would not only be in letters, But it can be personally embodied and students get to know each other, In order to discover different cultures, even from small states or provinces rather than from the largest and most important cities.

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