The UK’s honorary consul has been kidnapped in Ecuador: police are investigating the area where he disappeared

Ecuadorian police have begun investigations into the kidnapping of Colin Armstrong, the honorary consul of the United Kingdom. According to local press reports, he disappeared at dawn on Saturday from a farm he owned, located in the Papa sector, in Los Rios.

“Due to the alleged criminal act against a businessman that occurred this morning in Los Ríos, it is being carried out by specialized police units Operational and research work In the territory,” the law enforcement organization stated in a message on its X network.

The police indicated that the message “News in development” It is expected that he will submit a report later on the results of the investigations.

A woman has been kidnapped

Information portal first fruits He also pointed this out with Armstrong A Colombian woman was kidnapped. Accordingly, members of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit and the Judicial Police began investigations and procedures to determine their whereabouts.

Armstrong is the founder of Agripac, Inc. One of the largest suppliers of agricultural products in Ecuador, which also develops solutions in the areas of aquaculture, fertilizer production, industrial chemicals, animal health, seeds and larval rearing, among others.

The announcement of the kidnapping of Armstrong (78 years old) came at a time when many specialists believed it Ecuador is experiencing its worst insecurity crisis From its history.

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