The UK's first and only 'trans' judge resigns because he feels he is a 'political target'

The courts are back in the spotlight in the United Kingdom, this time, due to the resignation of a member of the Supreme Court, Victoria MacLeod. She is the only transgender judge in the British system, and her resignation is due, as she herself explained, to the fact that she cannot remain on the bench “in a dignified way” because she runs the risk of politicizing the judiciary.

The judge submitted her resignation to the Supreme Court because she said: “Now I am political every time I choose a place to urinate.” Moreover, the judge asserts that she has become a “target” of both politicians and members of the judiciary themselves. McCloud said his case should modernize British courts.

“It is extremely important that we move toward diversity in the judiciary, where gender, race, or any other factor, except ability, is not a factor that holds anyone back,” McCloud, 54, said. His name is linked to cases involving prominent figures, such as former United States President Donald Trump or parliamentarians Jeremy Corbyn and Andrew Mitchell. He had recently presided over the trial of a former KGB double agent.

McCloud underwent gender transition in the 1990s and became the first transgender female lawyer in the United Kingdom. In 2006 she was appointed a part-time judge, and a decade later, when she was 40, she became the youngest member of the Supreme Court in British history.

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