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From April 4 to 14, the second edition of the Recoleta International Book Fair for Social Sciences will be held, becoming the main literary and cultural event within the framework of Book Month, and one that will focus on Latin American voices.

Once again, the Zocalo Recoleta will host the Grand Festival of World Culture and Social Science Literature, where recognized Latin American and world leaders will gather for 11 days in the municipality of Recoleta.

Representatives of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Honduras, Spain, Italy, France and the United States have already confirmed their attendance at the event. Besides, FIL Chile confirmed the presence of a pavilion for Latin American culture and music, as well as a dining hall and a children's area that will provide “a space so that families can enjoy a full day of culture while having the necessary amenities.” “A model for the most important book fairs in Latin America, thus consecrating Recoleta as an international reference in the celebration of Book Month,” stated the FIL organization in Chile.

“This year the invitation is for us to enjoy writers who have published their works during 2023 and so far in 2024, and who have made us think critically about how our society can regain a sense of community and how we can look at ourselves,” said José Luis Moncada, who is part of organizing the literary encounter. Of integration and all that challenges us and welcomes us in its diversity.”

“Hosting the International Book Fair in Social Sciences in Recoleta for the second year is our way of celebrating Book Month during the month of April, but it also reminds us that art and culture ‘belong to the world.’” noted the mayor of the host town, Daniel Jadu.

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“This is without a doubt a space that is beginning to establish itself as one of the most important fairs in our country and we hope that it will be on par with the most important book fairs in Latin America,” the city's mayor stressed.

The first confirmed guests

For the exhibition, which will take place from 4 to 14 April 2024, FIL Chile has confirmed its first line-up, which includes Italian philosopher Franco Pivo Berardi; to the Argentine anthropologist Rita Segato; Brazilian academic Walter Cohan; To social leader and former Argentine presidential candidate Juan Graboa; To the author of the best-selling books “Mal comidos” and “Mala leche,” Soledad Perotti; Psychoanalyst Luciano Lotrau, and writer and philosopher Dario Sztajenszrágber.

It is also worth noting the presence of the French professor and founder of the alternative globalization movement, Ignacio Ramone. Former Vice President of the Ecuadorian Parliament and Director of the Ideal Institute, Gabriela Rivadeneira; Peru’s former Minister of Women, Anahi Durand, who released the book “The Outbreak in the Andes” in 2023, which was banned by the Dina Boluarte government; The Spaniard Miguel Orbán – who has just released his best-selling book “Trumpismos” in Europe -; Sociologist and anthropologist at Siglo XXI publishing house, Pablo Simán, who launched the successful book “It's Among Us” in 2023. Where does the extreme right that we did not see coming come from and how far can it go? the philosopher Attilio Buron, and the anti-princess writers Nadia Fink and Cecilia Merchan.

In addition to the foreign authors confirmed to be in the first selection, there is a group of national authors confirmed by the organization, including: winner of the National Humanities Prize, Gabriel Salazar; Writer Diana Orink. National Literature Prize winners Hernán Rivera Letelier, Raúl Zurita, and Diamila Eltet; Journalist and blogger known as Lady Ganga; Historian Jorge Paradet. psychoanalyst Constanza Michelson, film critic and writer Gonzalo Frias, journalist and writer Carlos Trompin; TV presenter Juan Andres Salvat, and analyst and media personality Mirko Macari.

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The organization also noted that for this second edition of the Recoleta International Book Fair for Social Sciences, more than 40 national publishers have already confirmed, and that in the coming days the validation process for international publishers who will participate will be closed. Release-

They explained that within the next few days, the final lineup will be delivered along with the official program of the Second International Book Fair for Social Sciences and the program of professional conferences.

“We are awaiting confirmation of the latest international guests and the activities of the different publishers that will allow us to offer a program equal to or superior to that of the previous year, which makes us very happy, as this shows that the exhibition has been transformed into a natural space for authors from all over the world,” they added.

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