Can I tell you a secret? From Netflix is ​​a true horror story that will make your hair stand on end

if you like it** Real crime**It's okay to spend the next few days a little terrified, Can I tell you a secret? From Netflix Do Documentary series Which you can't miss for anything in the world.

and that is True story From a group of slim From the United Kingdom who were A target for a cybercriminal His name is Matthew Hardy, who has been devoted to it for years Harassing, threatening and destroying lives Their victims without anyone doing anything to prevent it.

It is believed that He managed to terrorize 63 women for 11 yearsAnd Some of them shared their stories In this documentary that will show us how they were subjected to this attack, which not only meant feeling unsafe for themselves, but also meant that their families might be threatened.

As shown in the clip, this is basically a criminal They took control of their lives Entirely through the Internet. He would start pretending to be a woman on Facebook or a social network and send them a message: Can I tell you a secret? since then Everything was turning into a nightmare.

The cyberstalker used his victims' photos to talk to other people and then accused them of all sorts of things, their families received spam messages, and Making everyone around them think they were being unfaithful, or had been hurt Somehow them friends…whatever is necessary to destroy their lives.

We all know the dangers of social networking and starting conversations with strangers, but this case went even further. What happens when someone impersonates you and you have no way to stop them? When your family and friends think you've done unthinkable things?

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Can I tell you a secret? From Netflix it is Based on the popular podcast guardian He analyzed the case in depth in 2022 after a long and arduous investigation to find the criminal, and with the participation of the police officer who was finally able to arrest him.

the Two episodes are now available on the platform And it should come as no surprise that it quickly became one of the most popular titles of the week here and around the world.

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