The UK will vaccinate people over 50 with the third dose

Currently, the booster dose is applied to select groups, such as immunosuppressants. But it seems that United kingdom Go ahead and vaccinate with Third dose for people over 50 years old.

This was announced by the Prime Minister United kingdomBoris Johnson, in a plan to better deal with a winter that can be complicated by the delta variable already affecting the population.

According to the EFE Agency; Johnson emphasized that his main goal is to confront The coming months are to keep the economy active From the UK without the collapse of the public health system.

What vaccine will they get?

Currently, it is known that the Pfizer vaccine will be administered for this third dose. Not only will those over 50 years old be vaccinated, but health workers and nursing home workers will also be vaccinated.

At the same time as the flu

Additionally, they commented that the third dose can be given with the flu shot, which is annual and mandatory for older adults.

Is the third dose necessary?

EMA is not sure that this is now a priority for European countries, and ruled that a Booster vaccine for the immunosuppressed group And that they have not responded well to the full schedule of Covid vaccinations.

Although there are some studies, experts reveal a lack of more data to know if this third dose is really necessary for the general population. Although some research has indicated that Older must get it Because you can lose immunity to the virus months after receiving vaccinations.

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The United States is also considering this possibility to begin giving the third dose to the elderly. Whereas, in Spain, although the EMA dictates are being followed at the moment, some experts believe that it is possible to start this winter with people living in housing and in situations of severe vulnerability.

The same way the UK can do It also coincides with the flu vaccine. Although health at the moment does not talk about this issue.

The UK is going a bit on its own and has decided to vaccinate people over 50 with the third dose, among other measures, so that winters are never complicated again.

The truth is, we don’t know if the virus will ever mutate again into a stronger, more resistant type.

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