The UK will upgrade Tomahawk missiles for its nuclear submarines

Through a publication, the United Kingdom will upgrade its stockpile of Tomahawk missiles that equip nuclear submarines for the Royal Navy. This was officially indicated on May 31 by the British Ministry of Defense.

The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) upgrade aims to increase its effectiveness against future threats. In this way, the UK Ministry of Defense was awarded a £265,000,000 contract to upgrade approximately 1,000 missiles in the Royal Navy’s inventory.

In this way, the Tomahawk missiles that supply nuclear submarines to the United Kingdom will be upgraded to the Block V version. With this new version, the Tomahawk missiles, which have been in service with the British Submarine Force since 1998, will increase their range, with new inputs. – Aviation communication systems and updated target selection.

HMS Astute TLAM Firings November 2011 This photo was taken during the launch of TLAM by HMS Astute in the Gulf of Mexico, USA

The selected companies are part of the United Kingdom and the United States, in cooperation with the North American Government through the FMS programme. Among them stand out: BAE SystemsAnd the Babcock International Company s Lockheed Martin. Work on naval bases is expected to begin around July 2022. The upgrade of the Tomahawk missile from Block IV to V is scheduled for completion in 2024.

This new version of the Tomahawk Block V will also be available for future class nuclear attack submarines. veteran. However, the missiles on these submarines will be a long-range version of the Tomahawk as reported by the British Ministry of Defense.

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