In 2021, Puebla spent $10 billion importing products – El Sol de Puebla

During 2021, the state of Puebla spent $10,819 million to import products or supplies necessary for production operations.

The Data Mexico platform of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs announced that the main international purchases were focused on spare parts and accessories for vehicles, with an investment of $ 2462 million.

However, reaction initiators and accelerators (chemical products) also stand out, with a cost of $1.789 million; Internal combustion piston engines, valued at $330 million, and rolled products, valued at $229 million.

Other products or supplies brought in from abroad are electric accumulators, axles and cranks, armored objects, synthetic threads, cotton fabrics, motors and generators, electrical wires, rubber tubes, felts, lighting equipment, screws, animal meat and corn.

The agency announced that last year’s investment figure represented an increase of 19.2 percent compared to 2020, when expenses amounted to 9 thousand and 70 million dollars.

However, the current data is still 12.4 percent lower than the figure recorded before the pandemic, in 2019, when 12 thousand and 342 million dollars were allocated to import products.

The main countries where purchases were made in 2021 were the United States, where $3,475 million was paid out; Germany 2000 million dollars and China 991 million dollars.

However, Hungary’s participation also stands out, with $650 million allocated; and South Korea with $592 million. Canada $586 million. Japan $482 million and Austria $348 million. Brazil $275 million; Italy $211 million. The value of Spain amounted to 182 million dollars. The Czech Republic $166 million, France $160 million.

Other countries where materials are purchased are Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Colombia and Argentina.

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