Radio Havana Cuba | Peruvian Congress leader calls for military support with new voice

The revelations in Hildebrandt’s Weekly 13th issue coincided with the condemnation of the prime minister, Anibal Torres, of the far-right’s plan to deal a blow similar to those that have ousted presidents in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and other countries. Photo: El Comercio Peru

LIMA, June 6 (RHC) A new audio recording from Peruvian Congress President Maricarmen Alva, who is invoking support for the armed forces and insisting on the impeachment of President Pedro Castillo, sparked a strong rejection on Monday.

The revelations of the weekly Hildebrandt en sus 13 on Twitter coincided with Prime Minister Anibal Torres’ condemnation of a far-right plan to deliver a blow similar to those that toppled presidents in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and elsewhere. Countries.

In the audio recording, Alba asserted that Castillo is exhausted, alone, does not want to appear before Congress and has no way to defend himself.

“What he wants is to pretend that the people will get us out,” as happened with the ephemeral outcast President Manuel Merino, who was nominated by Congress in 2020 and who had to resign in the face of massive disavowal demonstrations.

“¿Por qué renunció Merino si era constitucional?, ¡por presión de la calle!”, dice la congresista conservadora, y acota que no pasará lo mismo con el actual Parlamento porque, a diferencia de entonces, “ahora las Fuerzas conservadora está we”.

The request for military support intensified criticism of Alpha and accusations that he was a coup leader after another recording was broadcast in which he spoke of removing first Vice President Dina Bullwart, and then Castillo, who would have done so in succession. To be president and will only call for presidential elections without prejudice to Congress.

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This recording dates back to 2021, in which she says that she will return to her parliamentary seat as soon as she takes office as the new president.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Torres stated that there is complete evidence that “there is a political, media, financial and judicial plan to discredit and remove the democratically elected president”.

In this regard, he referred to the desire to implicate the President, without any investigation, and said that the interrogations in the case of alleged corruption are not intended to clarify but rather to implicate Castillo.

“It is necessary to put an end to this, and it is necessary for the population to warn and be aware of the existence of this plan, because all the evidence of its existence,” he added.

Torres noted that something similar has happened in Latin American countries such as Bolivia and Brazil, where the far right has aggressively attacked left-wing governments with the aim of overthrowing them. (Line: latin press).

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