The UK will include the Canary Islands in its green travel lists

Tourists arrive at Tenerife South Airport. Sergio Mendes

The head of government of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, announced that the Netherlands will undertake a test flight in May, while the United Kingdom announced the creation of “green lists” that include the archipelago.

Torres, who made these issues known through his official Twitter account and compiled by the Europa Press, described these ads as “two good news that show the desire to visit the Canary Islands”.

Thus, it was reported that the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Jan Versteig, announced that at the beginning of May he would undertake a “test flight to safely resume flights” to the archipelago, for which 45,000 volunteers have come.

This announcement coincided with the announcement made by the British Transport Minister, Grant Shaps, who referred to the creation of “green lists” that included “the islands of Spain, Portugal and Greece”.

In this regard, the President of the Canary Islands stressed that it is an “important declaration” for the archipelago, given the weight of British tourism on the islands’ economy.

The Canary Islands expect the tourist signs to come true

The spokesman for the Canary Islands government, Julio Perez, had seen positively the inaugural tourist signs arriving from the United Kingdom, although he expected them to materialize, as similar news arrived on other occasions.

“The point is that while the issuance markets are open, there are no restrictions on the part of the Canary Islands.” He stated during the press conference held after the board of directors that if the situation was examined then the tourists would not come because of the situation in their country.

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That way, note that the UK is showing signs of liberation. He pointed out that “as happened on other occasions, there is one thing which is the signals and the other is the achievement of those signals.”

Perez realizes that the news from the British country appears to be positive, as does the news from the East and Baltic countries.

However, he insisted that the goal of the Canary Islands government is that when tourists start arriving, the islands are in a position to serve them in a healthy and safe way.

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