The UK will administer the shingles vaccine in September

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On September 1, the UK will start introducing the inactivated subunit vaccine against herpes zoster from GSKShingrix. People who could benefit from this vaccine would all be eligible if they have any contraindications to receiving the attenuated vaccine, especially those who are immunosuppressed.

The UK will begin vaccinating shingles with the GSK vaccine from September

Thus, this decision was made based on the recommendations of the UK Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVIJoint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization. In addition, the vaccine will be offered proactively to all those aged 70 and opportunistically to those aged 70 to 80.

Vaccination requires a two-dose schedule of vaccinations taken two months apart. The live Zostavax vaccine will continue to be offered to those eligible without contraindication. In this regard, the JCVI notes that it is important that Shingrix be given only to those who have been clinically contraindicated with Zostavax because of their immune-suppressed state. The recommendation is made in order to obtain adequate supplies for those who need to obtain them.

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