The UK wants to regulate OTTs

The British government has confirmed plans to regulate international streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon or Disney + in its territory.

The British government confirmed in the past hours that it would establish a plan to implement a reform that would allow the regulation of international broadcasting platforms operating on its soil.

Thus, this action will affect OTTs such as Netflix, Amazon or Disney+, which together already reach more than 30 million subscribers in the UK.

The plan, they explained, would be subject to regulations similar to those already imposed on local operators such as BBC, ITV or Sky.

This includes metrics for fairness and accuracy in your documentaries and news, and age restrictions.

The Ministry of Culture and Information has also indicated that it will seek “equal opportunities” so that public service broadcasters can compete with global broadcasting companies. At the moment, it is not detailed what other measures will be included.

The plan became known a few days after the same government required international platforms to share viewing data of original domestic series produced with local broadcasters with Ofcom.

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