The UK suggests this 'you never imagined' job for over-50s

In the middle of a facilities visit Deliveroo In London, Mill Stride, AL UK Secretary for Work and Pensionssparked controversy by suggesting that older workers could Explores Job opportunities are more relevant to young people, such as home delivery of food. In this way, they can find a way to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

These statements came after urging companies to provide greater flexibility Employees over 50 years old. Later, he highlighted the importance of these people considering careers they may have never imagined in order to do so Maintain your financial stability, This is a position that has been surrounded by controversy.

These statements become relevant in the midst of The crisis of economic inactivity Which affects the United Kingdom, where there has been an increase in the number of people They are neither working nor looking for work. The pandemic has had a huge impact, especially on… Early retirement For many individuals over the age of 50, which contributed to an increase in this indicator.

The move, according to experts, left nearly half of these individuals in situations Financial difficulties. A group of analysts from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) found that 48% of people aged 50-70 who left the workforce between 2020 and 2021 fell into relative poverty.

New retirement age in the UK

The controversy follows the initiative promoted by Stride. In May, his name attracted media attention when he dismissed the possibility an agreement Disturbances Similar to what happened in France Because of a Increase in retirement age in the UK. he Secretary for Work and Pensions He stressed that it is not part of the nation's general idea to carry out acts of rebellion or sabotage.

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The administration postponed a decision on the matter Increase in retirement age The state turns 68 for next year after the general election. This postponement comes in response to the major crisis facing the government Emmanuel Macron When trying to implement an increase in retirement age In France, from 62 to 64 years.

but, a step He pointed out that President Macron's experience was not decisive when making the decision to postpone the final decision on the file retirement age in the UK. He also stressed that the increase in the years workers leave working life, which may reach 68 years, will not be achieved until 2040. Rumors indicated that 2033 was considered the official date for this change.

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