WhatsApp will implement a historic change: how will it benefit you?

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Changes are coming to the messaging platform. Photo: Agence France-Presse

WhatsApp It will allow users to connect with people on third-party platforms, e.g cable also Signalwithout having an account Goal.

This was stated by WhatsApp engineering director, Dick Brewer, in an interview with Wiredwho hope to implement Interoperability with other platforms in your messaging serviceWhich means a historical change in the application.

The manager commented that its main goal is to provide interoperability with third parties “At the same time, maintaining the privacy, security, and safety of WhatsApp.”while acknowledging that the platform is “very happy” with what it has achieved through this modification.

What does the historical change in WhatsApp mean?

Interoperability in both WhatsApp and messenger It will initially focus on text and voice messages and sending photos, videos and files through conversations with an interlocutor. Group calls and chats are planned later.

Users will be able to choose whether they want to use the new interoperability or not.

  • By deciding to try it, the user will see messages from other applications in a separate section at the top of the inbox, which will be called “Third-party conversations.”

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This distinction between WhatsApp and services such as Signal or Telegram is due to the fact that “these networks are completely different” from the first and because the same level of service cannot be provided. Privacy and security The one developed by Meta already offers it.

The same WhatsApp architecture will continue to be used

WhatsApp Engineering Director, Dick Brewer, emphasized the infrastructure through which they hope to enhance communication between platforms, noting that, To send messages, third-party apps will need to encrypt the content Using the Signal protocol and then compressing it into XML files.

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And in this way he confessed “This approach is best delivered through a solution that builds on WhatsApp's existing client-server architecture.”so that services such as Signal or Telegram connects directly to your infrastructure To send and receive messages from Meta application users.

Therefore, he stressed that by maintaining the system that WhatsApp currently operates on to enhance interoperability, it reduces the possibility of this User information is exposed To different servers.

The manager also realized that interoperability would make it difficult to add new functionality because it was An open network, not a closed oneas WhatsApp already works.

Why is WhatsApp implementing these changes?

It is worth noting that the upcoming changes to the famous messaging service are due to the company’s effort to adapt to what is required by the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which sets new rules for major technology giants and is considered “gatekeepers” or guardians of access, as they must bear a series of obligations and prohibitions. Which ensures fair competition in the digital sector.

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