Bolsonaro is defending himself against accusations of planning a coup at a mass rally

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Met this Sunday Thousands of followers In São Paulo to take his first communal shower since leaving power at the end of 2022, and to defend himself from investigations into an alleged coup attempt.

On a truck mounted in the middle Paulista StreetBolsonaro, the city's most emblematic figure, denied the existence of a coup plot, said he was a victim of “persecution,” and criticized “the abuses of some.”

“What is a strike?” He defended himself to one of the demonstrators, saying: “It is tanks in the streets, it is weapons, it is a conspiracy… None of that happened in Brazil.” Crowd wearing green and yellowAnd the colors of the flag, and he was applauded and chanted “Legend” after every three sentences.

Jair Bolsonaro greets his followers gathered on Paulista Avenue in São Paulo.


At the same time, he confirmed this “Report of the State of Siege Decree”which was supposedly written by Bolsonaro's advisors and on which the police investigation is focusing, is a mechanism protected by the constitution which, in any case, has not been finally activated.

On the other hand, the far right called for the country to “calm down” and asked lawmakers to approve a resolution Pardoning people convicted of storming the presidential headquarters, Congress, and the Supreme Court In Brasilia on January 8, 2023.

However, he avoided making explicit accusations against one of his favorite targets, the Supreme Court, which already existed They took his passport at the beginning of the month He was prevented from leaving the country as part of police investigations that also include several generals and allies of the former president.

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The Bolsonarianism hoped to rally About 185,000 followers on Paulista Street after months of legal setbacks, but authorities had not announced attendance figures until 5:30 p.m.

In a flex of political muscle, the former first lady, Michel BolsonaroA handful of state governors and mayors, as well as about a hundred lawmakers, accompanied the far right to the square.

In contrast to the measured tone used by Bolsonaro, an influential evangelical pastor Silas Malavia He attacked the court and made allegations “evil engineering” To try to imprison the extremist leader, who has already been disqualified until 2030 due to his questioning of electronic ballot boxes used in the elections. Malavia warned that if the court's judges order Bolsonaro's imprisonment, “it will not be to destroy him (the former president), but to destroy them.”

Paulista Street

Ultra followers began gathering on Avenida Paulista hours before the event began to find a spot in the front rows in front of the truck, whose speakers were blasting techno music at full volume to liven up the atmosphere.

The majority, who were wrapped in Brazilian flags, responded to Bolsonaro's request not to carry banners bearing the usual insults against Brazil. supreme court Or the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

However, during the protest he was there “Thief” cries against Lola In a conversation with Ivey, several protesters questioned the “neutrality” of the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Lula's Workers' Party accused Bolsonaro of organizing a demonstration An “illegitimate” act that threatens democracy.

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