The UK rejected James Cameron and this film studio.

The verdict on this proposal was finally reached after several weeks of debate.

After supporting the development of a new film studio, James Cameronwho was a promoter of technology and quality in cinema, was rejected by the UK and his new plans he had in mind may be in jeopardy.

Technology and new study


We are living in one of the most complex and transcendent decades for the future of cinema and audiovisual production. From the application of artificial intelligence in filming, and the addition of augmented reality formats to festivals, to the development of new practical filming techniques, such as the LED screen “The Volume” that was used in BatmanIt is a fact that innovation continues to rise in the world of seventh art.

Given this, for a few weeks, diverse He announced this with other characters such as Sam Mendes And Andy Serkis, James Cameron Join us in setting up new study plans in the UK, specifically in one of the cities in England; Marlow.

According to a report issued a month ago in the American media, Marlowe Film Studiosworth $927 million (MDD), has plans to become one of the most advanced technological training centers in the world regarding the seventh art. However, the new study shows Cameron still needs a “green light” from the European government to implement construction plans in the region. Now, 4 weeks later, the ruling has become final and the UK has rejected the proposal James Cameron.

Why did they refuse?

James CameronJames Cameron

how The same media reported that Buckinghamshire Council has today rejected plans to build Marlowe Film Studios in the English community.

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Since the proposal became public knowledge, there has been controversy, criticism and skepticism among the Marlow community about the impact this new infrastructure could have on their city. However, the decision was made by political leaders based on the recommendation of their urban planning officials.

In recent days, campaign groups said study plans for the Marlow quarry site were inadequate. Likewise, according to the newspaper Bucks Free PressThe local community leader said he would take action on the matter and seek legal advice after being defamed as a promoter of the project.

Although at the time of submitting his proposal, Cameron wrote a letter to the consulate confirming this 22.5% of the box office With increased investment in the UK in 2023, the decision was final on European study plans. With the news, the CEO of Marlow Film Studios has already announced before BBC Your feelings about your proposal being rejected:

“We are disappointed that the committee was unable to support this exceptional proposal. “It is one of the most important investment opportunities for the future of Buckinghamshire and its people.”

At the moment, in addition to Cameron’s minimal response, it is unknown what measures the film studio will take to expand its plans. However, the reality is that a project a technological initiative must adapt to its legal personalities in order to survive.

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