The UK will raise the minimum wage and ‘freeze’ increases in the number of civil servants

British government She is committed to increasing the minimum wage and halting the increase in civil service employees. During the annual Conservative Party conference, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt announced that it will raise the minimum wage next year It will stop the expansion of the Civil Service Authority For the state. “This is an increase in the salaries of two million workers,” the minister said, adding that “if you work hard, the conservative government will always support you.”

Hunt said the minimum wage would rise from £10.42 per hour (€12.03) to £11 per hour (€12.70). Before training members Meeting at the Manchester Convention Centre (North of England).

In the same speech, Hunt announced that he would end the expansion of the public sector workforce and launch a plan to improve Reduce it to pre-pandemic levels For the Coronavirus. With this plan, your The government hopes to save £1 billion (1.150 million euros) next year, the head of economy detailed.

He pointed out, “We have the best government employees in the world, who saved many lives during the epidemic and are working day and night. But, even when the epidemic ends, we still have 66,000 government employees more than before.”

He added: “I will not lift the freeze until we have a proper plan, not only for the civil service, but to increase the productivity of the entire public sector.”

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