List of the happiest cities in the world by classification; There are some from Mexico!

he Happy City Index 2024 Gives us a list Cities Which can be considered according to different indicators The happiest in the world. However, it is important to remember that happiness is a personal and complex concept that varies depending on each individual’s needs and expectations.

What are the happiest cities according to classification?

Aarhus, Zurich, Berlin, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Bristol, Copenhagen, Geneva and Munich are Some cities that stand out

In this order of its commitment to the well-being of its residents.

Education, inclusive policies, economics, mobility, environmental protection, access to green areas and innovation are just some of the elements that contribute to this Urban happiness. The challenge for cities seeking to cultivate and develop happiness is to transform these components into clear formal policies, tangible solutions and, above all, into a direct impact on the quality of life of their residents.

Mexico is here: These are the Mexican cities that are in the ranking

Cancun And Mexico City

They are located at places 209 and 237 respectively in the list. So, if you are planning to go on vacation, these may be some of your options.

this Happy Cities 2024 Ratingwith the aim of identifying cities that provide greater well-being for their inhabitants. This edition highlights the importance of adopting a comprehensive approach and tailored solutions to address current challenges and thus contribute to people’s happiness.

It is important to remember that happiness is a complex and subjective concept. Provides classification A A valuable perspective on cities who work to improve The welfare of its inhabitantsBut it’s not an absolute measure of happiness, as there are many factors that can add up.

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the Building happy cities It requires a joint effort from governments, organizations and citizens. It is essential that we work together to create environments that promote health, education, safety, sustainability and prosperity for all.

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