The UK opens the door to recognizing a Palestinian state without waiting for a peace agreement

UK Chancellor, David CameronHe stated that the British government is ready to discuss with other allies Official recognition of Palestine as a state, Therefore, it will not even be necessary to wait for a final peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians, who have been mired in a violent conflict for more than three months in the Gaza Strip.

Last night, during a reception for ambassadors from Arab countries in Parliament, Cameron called for giving the Palestinians some signs of “irreversible” progress towards a two-state solution. Although the government of Israel is not currently considering making any kind of concessions, while it remains focused on the military attack it launched on the Gaza Strip.

Israel began its military operation in the coastal region ruled by Hamas on October 7, after militants from the Islamic movement infiltrated the area. From Gaza, they killed 1,200 people, most of them civilians, in southern Israel and took with them about 240 hostages. About twenty of them are of Argentine nationality.

“We have to start looking at what a Palestinian state would look like, what it would include, and how it would function.”The head of British diplomacy said: “At that time, we will discuss with our allies the issue of recognizing the Palestinian state, including at the United Nations.”

Cameron stated that recognizing a Palestinian state, an idea rejected by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin NetanyahuIt will help start an “irreversible process” to end the conflict.

The Palestinian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hossam Zomlot, welcomed these words as truth “Important”. But among members of the ruling British Conservative Party, Representative Theresa Villiers believed that moving forward with the issue of recognizing the Palestinian state “It will reward Hamas's atrocities.”

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The UK has long called for a two-state solution. “We have always been clear that we will recognize a Palestinian state when it best serves the cause of peace, and we are committed to the two-state solution.”A spokesman for the Prime Minister said Rishi Sunak.

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