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Kings Camilla and Charles III of England are fully preparing for the coronation ceremonyThey have a great friendship with big stars in the entertainment world, such as… Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael DouglasOne of the most famous Hollywood couples who would become their neighbors.

According to what the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying. The actors rented a new apartment inside St James's Palace. Located in Westminster, London, it will serve as your home during your visit to the English capital. “It's perfect for their needs when they visit the capital,” the insider revealed.

The famous couple was able to rent this luxurious and comfortable space thanks to the friendship between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Camilla, with whom she had lunch on one occasion and described her admiration for the Queen Consort.

I'm a great realist. I had a wonderful lunch with Camilla and Lady Astor in New York years ago, even before they were married, and I loved it. “What you see is what you get with Camilla.”The actress commented to the British media.

At St James's Palace, home to other members of the royal family

St James's Palace has been a major site for many important events in London's history. Not to mention, it is the highest royal palace in the United Kingdom. It was built by Henry VIII between 1531 and 1536, and its name derives from the leper hospital erected in this area in the 11th century. The building is in historic Tudor style, and this architecture can still be seen inside.

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This site has many apartments that rent to royalty at prices that vary depending on size, but the smallest of them all, which has only one room, costs approximately five thousand dollars per month.

The sudden presence of the actors in this place is interpreted as an indication of their support for the British monarchy, which also supported them in the past, especially the hero of the novel “The Legend of Zorro,” who received it from their hands in February 2011. From the then Prince Charles of the Order of the British Empire, an award given by the monarchy to individuals who do something important on behalf of the United Kingdom.

The building is one of the most symbolic places for the city and British royalty, as the palace is home to some members of the royal familyLike Princess Anne; His niece, Princess Beatrice of York, and his cousin, Alexandra of Kent.

St James's Palace is a very important place for the royal family, as it is where important family events are held, such as the baptism of Princes George and Louis. In addition, Charles III was declared king there and hosts up to a hundred receptions in its halls each year for charities associated with the royal family.

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