La Jornada – Today, they expect five UNAM campuses to resume virtual lessons

Five UNAM campuses, out of the 22 unemployed, mainly due to delays and deductions in paying teachers and aides’ salaries, are expected to resume virtual lessons today.

Other colleges, such as the Faculties of Chemistry, Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Art and Design, among others, will begin meetings and dialogue tables this week to report on the university authorities ’commitment to fully covering the salaries of their professors.

According to the teachers consulted, among the schools that will resume activities remotely are the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences; Meanwhile, workers from the medical school commented that the strike was scheduled to end today and virtual lessons will resume from tomorrow, depending on the affected student and academic community.

Meanwhile, the College of Science reported on its website that it continues to work “intensively” and in cooperation with the central administration of the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) to settle payments to faculty members on this subject “and avoid this problem in the future.”

On the other hand, the Faculty of Chemistry summoned students and professors to resume classes at their usual work hours tomorrow, for an “information session and an exchange of views on stopping activities” and about the application paper.

In addition, he posted the Commitments in response to the requests of the group of students organizing at that Study House.

The Directorate of Architecture has summoned the Technical Council to an extraordinary session to “move forward in building agreements and include the entire community”; The suspension of activities has also been kept until further notice.

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Engineering agreed that it would not restart hypothetical activities as long as the application sheet submitted by the student group was not analyzed at a table. All faculties affirmed their commitment to the absence of reprisals against those involved in stopping activities; On the contrary, they expressed an interest in preserving the dialogue.

Last week, UNAM reported that it has already adjusted the wages and employment status of 488 teachers and aides who are problematic with their perceptions.

As for other colleges and schools, where some irregularities also occurred, it was indicated that all movements corresponding to the current semester (2021-2) have been completed “as a result of inevitable last-minute changes in the programming of academic activities”.

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