The UK is progressing in controlling the pandemic, with 258 deaths in 24 hours

London, February 14 (EFE). – The United Kingdom is progressing in its fight against the third wave of the epidemic by registering 258 deaths and 10972 injuries in 24 hours today, which is a significant decrease compared to the previous day, while it is still immersed in almost complete confinement.

The data released by the Ministry of Health today contrasts with 621 deaths and 13,308 new positive cases that were recorded on Saturday and seems to indicate that although there may be ups and downs in the coming days, the peak of this third phase has been exceeded.

According to the numbers, 1,715 hospital admissions were recorded between Saturday and Sunday, closing a week in which the number of admissions decreased by 26.5% compared to the previous seven days.

The number of R, or incidence, of infections now ranges between 0.7 and 0.9%, and since the start of the epidemic, the country has added 117,166 deaths and 4,038 million positive cases.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today celebrated that more than 15 million people, of the four population groups considered most at risk, have already received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine in this country.

The first and second exposure groups included those who lived in homes for the elderly and caregivers, followed by those over 80 and health and social care workers.

In the third and fourth groups, people over the age of 75 and then people over the age of 70 who were seriously ill were vaccinated.

Starting tomorrow, Monday, the vaccination of those over 65 will begin, although immunization has been suspended for some people from the first groups who, due to mistrust or some other reason, may be left without the vaccine.

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The British government plans to vaccinate a total of nine priority groups, which include everyone over the age of 50, by the end of April, after which it will start with the rest of the adults.

Although data on deaths and injuries indicate that the almost complete confinement in place since January has succeeded in curbing the epidemic in the UK, experts believe the numbers are still too high for restrictions to be eased.

Johnson intends to detail on February 22 a roadmap toward dismantling, but while the country’s strict procedures are maintained, where there are strict travel restrictions, only schools are closed and essential stores are open. EFE

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