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The text, signed by Max Greenwood, who specializes in the matter, indicates that the Republicans who were consulted before the impeachment trial ended this weekend are showing a significant reluctance to break away formally from their party formation.

Supporters of the Red Group were deeply divided in Saturday’s vote, when 57 votes backed and 43 against the Senate, relieved the former president of any responsibility for his followers’ attack on the Federal Capitol on January 6.

In that session, seven Republicans joined the 50 Democrats to condemn him, a fact that demonstrated that there is only a fraction of Trump’s followers in religion who are eager to get out of his shadow.

Divisions in the Republican Party have been evident for years, but its members who responded to the The Hill poll expressed doubts that this situation would lead to the formation of a new organization with electoral aspirations at the national level.

This was evident even after a meeting last week among dozens of prominent conservatives who raised the possibility.

Many of these sources said that a third-party organization would be nothing more than a show and threaten Conservatives’ hopes of restoring the House, Senate and White House in the next few years.

“I will be the first to say that our electoral system is against third parties,” said Miles Taylor, Trump’s former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security who was among those who participated in the meeting.

“If this is the path we decided to take, then we have very clear eyes on the fact that there is a grave for a third party,” he added.

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In the aforementioned meeting last week, more than 120 former Republican officials, activists, and activists participated via video link to discuss the possibility of organizing a center-right party, or at least a new faction within the Republican Party.

Organizers said that more than 40 percent of those who attended the call supported the idea of ​​the separatist entity, while a slightly larger fraction favored a faction within the party, similar to the Tea Party movement that appeared in the Red Group more than a decade ago.

And on the impact of impeachment measures on Republicans, the New York Times said today in an article that it is unlikely that this will be the last word for Trump and his deeply divided party, as it worsens with the consequences of his injuries. Assault on the Capitol on January 6.

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