The UK is examining how mobile fertility apps use data

LONDON, September 7 (EFE).- The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the United Kingdom is examining how mobile fertility and menstrual tracking apps handle personal data, in light of concerns expressed by users.

The ICO, which ensures compliance with the Data Governance Act, specified on Thursday that it would examine “whether they may be adversely affected by the way these apps use or share their personal information”.

The supervisor explains that a recent study revealed that a third of British women have used applications of this type that are marketed in the United Kingdom.

59% of participants expressed concern about the handling of their data, while 57% doubted the security of the information they shared.

The study also indicated that more than half of users noticed an increase in children’s or fertility ads, which 17% considered harmful.

The ICO has opened a consultation on its website to receive testimonials from users and has also contacted supplier companies.

Issues you’ll want to investigate include whether apps’ privacy policies are unnecessarily complex or confusing, whether apps are requesting or storing unnecessary amounts of data, and whether users are receiving unwanted targeted ads. Evie


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