The science teacher shows in the video how difficult it is to do lessons because of his beauty

Science teacher has gained great popularity in Tik Tok Students complain about the questions her students ask and how difficult it is to give lessons when they focus only on her beauty, as no student can concentrate when seeing her, and they even ask for additional lessons to review what they saw in previous classes.

The story of teacher Sophia Kosti spreads quickly. He teaches science classes in a high school in the United States, where he has to deal almost daily with his students’ distractions in the subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics. In addition to being a professional in these subjects, Sofia is extremely beautiful, which is why her students are so distracted.

Through his various videos on TikTok, The teacher also reveals how difficult it is to work with her fellow teachers and also talk to parents who also cannot concentrate when she talks to them because they are shocked by her amazing beauty. And his way of talking about the topics he is proficient in.

Sophia Kosti went viral on TikTok

Professor Sophia Kosti has more than 340,000 followers and around 3.5 million likes on TikTok. Her most popular videos are the ones where she demonstrates the countless methods, tricks and techniques that her students should talk to her for more time and receive special advice.

The teacher shares content daily on TikTok, where she typically has thousands of views and hundreds of comments highlighting her beauty.

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His fame spread throughout the world even though not everything in life is good. The teacher received multiple criticisms for appearing to her students in a provocative manner without thinking about the possible consequences.

Although other users defended her by saying that it is her life and she has the right to do what she wants.

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