The UK is considering whether to order the third dose to avoid quarantine and testing

The UK is considering changing travel rules so that people who refuse the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine can They will have to face tests and quarantine On their return to the country if they travel abroad. This action will also affect the existing tourists Full guidance is already required From the first two doses to avoid quarantine.

That change won’t be imminent, according to the tourism sector. TTG from government sources.

Similarly, the government is considering whether it is appropriate to include the third dose in Covid pass to travel and how to do it. At this time, the UK is asking all travelers coming into the country Two doses of the vaccine, the entire pattern, regardless of whether the person has recovered from the infection or not.

This caused problems for many foreigners, especially before the WTM, because in Spain and other countries, a person who had recovered from COVID had been exposed They were vaccinated with a single dose, not bothHe was considered to have antibodies in his body.

However, the UK does not look at it this way and requires, in all cases, full guidelines. This has not changed despite the fact that at the end of October this country and the European Union reached an agreement to standardize COVID certificates and issue them “on equal terms”.

In fact, this agreement changed the UK requirements very little, as we explained in the EU-UK Agreement for COVID Certificates hardly changed anything, and the requirements of the full guideline were maintained, which can now be raised to requirements from a third dose.

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At the moment, the UK is vaccinating with booster dose Those over 50 years of age and health and social workers, as well as those at clinical risk. The third dose is given six months after the second.

According to this method, More than 10 million people I already received the booster dose in the UK.

France requires the third dose for people over 65 years old

Meanwhile, in France, People over 65 years of age should get the third dose vaccinated To be able to use the vaccination passports needed to enter many public places, Emmanuel Macron announced, Tuesday.

These new rules go into effect on December 15, according to the New York Times.

Get vaccinated to live a normal lifeMacron said to the French, addressing in particular those who have not yet received the first dose. “To be free in a country like France means to be responsible and to show solidarity. That is why we are counting on you.”

69% of the French received the full vaccine schedule, but in recent weeks COVID cases have seen a rebound, as in other European countries.

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