Arcane has become the most watched on Netflix in over 30 countries

mysterious, the animated series set in the world of League of Legends, has been a hit. It has become the most watched series in Netflix In as many as 38 countries, to get away with authentic phenomena like The Squid Game.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s in Top 5 of dozens of countries And in the top ten among many other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Also, the premiere in China As shown or as specified or as indicated Bloomberg It was phenomenal, with 130 million viewers in the early hours, being a real bombshell on the platform flow from Tencent.

Riot Games has been clear about how it will handle the promotion of Arcane. A great ad campaign around the whole planet, with the option to see its chapters in it Twitch With different content creators. Reason? Reach the largest possible audience.

Arcane continues to confirm the success of the League of Legends world

Riot Games in Her Hands A world full of possibilities With League of Legends. Arcane and his phenomenal success is a good example of the desire that his followers had to start enjoying this kind of work.

The future in the medium and long term is exciting, and with such success, who knows if the next cinematic world That fill the halls of the entire planet is not from DC and Marvel, but from Riot Games.

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Arcane is just the beginning, a multimedia world is possible from now on. More TV series? Films? Cartoons, books? Anything is possible, Riot Games after leaving knowledge For a while, he took it back and gave it all the importance it deserved. Giving background on all his work makes us see the game in a much closer way, which is that after Arcane, we will never see many heroes with the same eyes again.

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