“It is important to know which bodies are responsible for the tasks in the United Nations”

After President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s speech (AMLO) in the United Nations Security Council, Russia He replied that “it is appropriate to know the living things in HIM-HER-IT They are responsible for such tasks.”

Vasily Nebenzia was a representative of the Federation RussiaWhich responded to President AMLO during his presentation at the United Nations.

There he stated that “neither the Peacebuilding Commission nor the Security Council has the tools to shape the necessary economic models.”

In addition to, Russia He said that the bodies have no guarantees for technology exchange, infrastructure enhancement or any development in any sector.

“When we work to deepen the links between development, peace and security as well as human rights, it is essential not to lose sight of the fact that development alone cannot guarantee peace,” Nebenzia said.

Therefore, representative Russia He asked the United Nations which bodies were responsible for the above-mentioned tasks.

This is because issues such as security, climate change and others must be addressed by platforms that specialize in such tasks, as they are the only ones who have the tools to stop the problems.

In particular , Russia He also argued that “unequal distribution of wealth” is what leads to inequality.

This is because countries like Mexico, which has a colonial past, have a more difficult situation to solve security issues.

AMLO asks the United Nations to plan to help the poor

It is important to mention that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO(proposed to the United Nations)HIM-HER-ITA plan to help the poor, of which he said, “It is never too late to help them.”

“Never in the history of this organization has anything been done for the poor, but it is never too late for justice.


The project known as Brotherhood planIt consists of obtaining funds from three primary sources:

  1. Ask for volunteer cooperation from the world’s richest thousand people.
  2. Impose a 4% tax on the largest thousand private companies on the planet.
  3. Cooperation of 0.2% of GDP achieved by G20 member states
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According to the foregoing, the agent AMLO It is estimated that around $1 trillion will be raised annually.

AMLO at the United Nations (Presidency / Presidency)

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