The UK has proposed including Ecuador in an agreement to send asylum seekers, according to The Times | International | News

In late 2023, the British government signed an agreement with Rwanda to send asylum seekers who enter that region illegally.

Now the plan seeks to expand its scope to include other countries, according to leaked documents times. The portal notes that the plan seeks to be replicated initially in Armenia, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica and Botswana, with which talks have already begun at the governmental level on an agreement on the treatment of asylum in third countries.

All four countries were prioritized for the UK in its list of potential locations.

Prince Charles criticizes the British plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

The State Department could have proposed annexing Paraguay, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador, but their governments would have been less interested in signing.

According to the post, there is a standby list made up of Cape Verde, Senegal, Tanzania and Sierra Leone which will be contacted if talks with the other destinations do not progress.

There are other countries such as Morocco and Tunisia that explicitly refused to participate in the program.

The Prime Minister seeks to conclude two agreements in addition to the agreement with Rwanda, choose potential destinations, and determine the size of the territory and population.

Rwanda and the United Kingdom began the plan in April 2020 during Boris Johnson's term to receive migrants crossing the English Channel.

There has been criticism that it was raised because there is a risk of applicants being deported to their country of origin. (Yo)

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