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If your biggest dream is to learn about forensic science, keep in mind that the University of Cambridge has announced its specialized course in this field. Get all information about this topic and get direct link.

Forensic science is< مجموعة من التخصصات التي تتعاون في التحقيق في الأعمال الإجرامية. إنهم يساعدون العدالة في محاولة العثور على إجابات للأسئلة التي تطرح عند مواجهة حدث له مشهد مسببات مشكوك فيها>>, according to Latin University.

Nowadays, the tendency to learn about forensic sciences has become very noticeable, and because we know that you are also interested, today we leave you all the information about this course offered by a prestigious university.

Forensic Science Course: DNA Analysis

<< هل أنت أو تطمح للعمل في مجال إنفاذ القانون أو السياسة العامة أو العلوم أو البحث واكتساب المعرفة حول تحليل الحمض النووي؟ في هذه الدورة، سيتم إعطاؤك مقدمة واضحة لكل من علم الوراثة وعلم الطب الشرعي >> Read the course portal.

This course is:

Completely free

With online mode

For 5 weeks (takes 2-5 hours per week)

Easy to learn

By this last point we mean that although you must commit to certain hours per week, adherence to a specific schedule will not be mandatory. You can attend the class when you have free time.

Although it is taught by the University of Cambridge, you can access it through the famous edX platform, which is responsible for providing massive online courses, supported by the best universities around the world.

This course is introductory, so it is not necessary to have previous experience, it is open to all audiences and you will only need to want to learn about the field.

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The aim of a forensic science course is to learn and understand how you can use genetics in a forensic investigation, as well as delve into the ethical issues surrounding genetics.

On the other hand, you will also learn to use genetics in forensic science, such as the National DNA Database, and demonstrate the knowledge gained.

You will learn all of the above and more in the five weeks of the course, and you will do so under the authorship of Susan Gurney, from the University of Cambridge.

The course has the option of an official certificate, as well as graded assignments and exams, however, this method has a cost, unlike the free method, in which you will just take the same classes, but without the certificate and assignments.

It is not necessary to choose the paid option, if so, you will find out the cost when you access the edX portal, where the course will be taught.

If you are interested in the course and want to join it, you can enter directly by clicking here To register and take it when you have time or want.

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