Challenge” threatens Netflix with a class action lawsuit

A few days ago, Netflix premiered a game show based on one of its most successful productions, “The Squid Game.” For those who have not watched the series, it tells the story of a strange clan that organizes a series of horrific games in which participants who fail to beat them lose more than the millionaire's prize, and lose their lives as well.

Unlike the seriesSquid Game: Challenge” It does not end for any of the contestants, but the games have caused Serious injuries Lots of them so the platform is going to be in for a serious showdown Legal issues.

According to information published by Deadline, a law firm in the United Kingdom issued a statement warning of the occurrence Class action Against the producers of the reality show, they are demanding financial compensation.

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In the document, released by law firm Express Solicitors, two participants, who preferred to remain anonymous, suffered serious damage after competing on the show, such as hypothermia and nerve damage due to the extreme conditions.

One game that would cause these injuries was “Green Light, Red Light,” where they must escape from a threatening doll. This game was filmed at RAF Base Bedford, during a cold snap, causing three contestants to require medical attention; Information confirmed by Netflix.

The lawyers accuse the production of exceeding the limits of safety, as the injuries will lead to serious complications in the long term: “The contestants thought they were participating in something fun. Now they have been injured after spending time trapped in painful positions.” “Stress at cold temperatures.”

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For its part, the live broadcast platform denied the validity of these accusations, as it claimed that all kinds of precautions were taken during the recordings to ensure the safety of the participants.

“Obviously, well-being and safety are of the utmost importance. We have taken appropriate measures to take care of people. It was a big and complex shoot, but everyone was prepared for it and took care of it properly. “We anticipate everything and, in fact, test everything in advance and make sure that we We are taking all appropriate measures,” John Hay, one of the producers, told The Hollywood Reporter.

But he acknowledged that no one was immune from suffering some kind of injury, which usually arises on any program of this type: “We are giving away the biggest prize in the history of the television competition. It was not going to be a cakewalk.” “In the park to win $4.56 million,” Stephen Lambert said.

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