The UK expresses “deep concern” about a possible Israeli attack on Rafah

Cameron says that “the priority must be an immediate cessation of fighting” leading to a “sustainable and permanent ceasefire.”

Madrid, February 10 (European Press) –

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron expressed, on Saturday, his “deep concern” about the possible ground attack by the Israeli army on the city of Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip on the border with Egypt.

Cameron said in a message posted on his account on the “X” social networking site, “We are extremely concerned about the possibility of a military attack on Rafah. Half of Gaza’s population is in the area.”

He stressed that “the priority must be an immediate cessation of fighting to ensure the entry of aid and the departure of the hostages, and then progress towards a sustainable and permanent ceasefire.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Friday that he had ordered the army to begin preparations to “evacuate” Rafah, which is considered the last refuge for displaced Palestinians in the Strip.

United Nations estimates indicate that half of Gaza's population lives in overcrowded camps in Rafah and its surrounding areas. Likewise, it is the main entry point for humanitarian aid into the Strip, which is why various organizations have warned of the serious humanitarian impact the attack could have in the area.

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