Mexico and the United States withdraw their candidacy to host the 2027 Women's World Cup

The French Football Federation cancels its candidacy for the 2027 Women’s World Cup (X/ @Miseleccionfem)

the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) with Football They announced their resignation to look for a place to host Women's World Cup 2027. Through a statement published on April 29, the Mexican Federation explained that both entities had reached an agreement Cancel your nomination For the 2027 edition, they will instead serve as the 2031 venue.

According to what the two federations determined, their withdrawal from hosting the 2027 edition is because they will choose a more determined plan between the two countries, and thus obtain a better nomination for the 2031 edition.

“US Soccer and the Mexican Football Federation have withdrawn their joint bid to host the 2027 Women’s World Cup and will instead focus on submitting a new bid to host the tournament in 2031,” the statement read.

Spain is the last world champion, winning the 2023 edition (EFE/EPA/DEAN LEWINS)

They stressed the importance of giving the necessary attention to women's teams, as they identified that they need large investments such as those that will be allocated to the tournament. World Cup 2026 Which will be organized by the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“In an unprecedented event, the show requires the same investment as the men’s tournament, eliminating disparities in investment to maximize the commercial potential of the women’s tournament,” the statement read.

As a result, both federations chose to wait seven years Reorganization of filtration They thus have the possibility of Mexico and the United States being the hosts of the 2031 World Cup.

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On the other hand, they said that it was happening Men's choices In 2026, it will be a great experience to present a project that promotes women's football in both countries, and with… infrastructure Which both places have, it is meant to be used in the female version.

Mexico and the United States will launch the bid to host the 2031 World Cup (Reuters/Daniel Becerril)

Due to the withdrawal of his nomination… Ivar CesnijaThe President of the Mexican Football Federation expressed that this decision responds to the goal of successfully organizing the Women's World Cup in Mexico, and that they intend for this event to also strengthen the top division in both countries.

According to what the FMF president shared, they will pretend that Women's World Cup 2031 It is historical and prepared in record time.

“We are fully committed to organizing a Women's World Cup An unforgettable and historic event that players and fans will benefit from. After careful analysis, we consider that postponing our bid until 2031 will allow us to promote and prepare for the most successful Women's World Cup in history,” he said, sharing.

On the other hand, he insisted that what he witnessed in… Men's World Cup 2026 It would be very helpful and guiding to provide a better prepared nomination.

“The strength and internationalism of our professional women’s leagues, combined with our experience in organizing the tournament World Cup 2026“It will allow us to organize a World Cup that contributes to the continued growth of women’s football, in addition to providing the best infrastructure, as well as an enthusiastic fan base that makes all participating teams feel at home.”

The Federation of Malaysian Football and the US Soccer Federation have decided to cancel their bids to host the 2027 Women’s World Cup (X/ @FMF)

It was on 8 December 2023 when the Football Federation of Malaysia and US Soccer submitted nominations for membership Women's World Cup 2027; This news generated great expectations among Mexican fans, as it meant a big event for the Mexican women's national team.

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However, after four months they canceled the project. Although it is not a final withdrawal from the project to host the World Cup, its cessation shows the seriousness with which the foreign military establishment takes this event.

“Both federations are excited to collaborate with our allies to orchestrate the success of our new 2031 bid,” the statement concluded.

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