The UK encourages renewable energy and defense trade in Chile

minister exports British, Lord OffordHe led a renewable energy trade mission to Santiago and met with the Undersecretary of State Defense From Chile, Ricardo MonteroWho reviewed with him the opportunities it offers UK export finance.

According to the British government, the business meetings began on December 12, with Offord deployed alongside entrepreneurs from the hydrogen and renewable energy sector, with the aim of exploring business opportunities in the country.

In this context, the meeting with the Chilean Minister of Energy was announced. Diego PardoAnd a minister Economy, Nicola GrauTo discuss how the two governments can work together to promote trade and support the transition to renewable energy sources.

Meanwhile, on December 14 – according to British defense in ChileWhose defense attaché is the aviation colonel Liz Hutchison– Minister Offord met with the Chilean Under-Secretary of Defence, Ricardo Montero, to discuss acquisitions and the opportunities offered by UK export finance. It is a body specialized in supporting British companies to secure export contracts and offering attractive financing terms to buyers.

Minister Offord with Undersecretary Montero. British Ministry of Defense in Chile signs

It should be noted that just like the UK Export Finance Authority, there is also another British government body that specifically promotes sales of military equipment: Defense Equipment Sales Authority (DESA)Depends on British Ministry of Defence. The Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) encourages trade in surplus weapons systems, and it is through this organization that the Monday sale was publicized AWACS Boeing 3D electronic guarding Which was finally incorporated by the Chilean government, in which it is currently in service air forces.

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