Netflix is ​​launching a pilot project to play video games on TV and PC

The ability to play video games through Netflix on your TV is getting closer and closer. The streaming entertainment giant announced on Monday a Pilot project To play their video games through television and computers, in a new attempt to promote this business field.

Netflix is ​​starting to offer video gamess for mobile phones and tablets in 2021 He confirmed that starting Monday, “a small number of members in Canada and the United Kingdom” will be able to access an initial test of this service on computers and televisions, he confirmed through a statement published on his page. “We are working hard to reach where users are; With an accessible, seamless and ubiquitous service“, says the writing.

The statement said that the game titles to be launched are “Oxenfree” from Night School Studio (Netflix) and “Molehew’s Mining Adventure,” a gem mining arcade game. Users They will use their mobile phone as a remote control for TV gaming, while Mac and PC consumers will benefit from a keyboard and mouse.

The platform also announced that the project is in a phase Very early stage Development and that once available to the general public, the games will work on TV multimedia player devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, etc., and through its website for computers.

In March 2023, the platform stated this I was scheduled to play 40 matches. By the end of the year, it had another 70 games in development with its partners, and 16 games were being developed internally at its studios.

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So far, Netflix It has more than 50 mobile games available Among them are “Cut the Rope Daily” (ZeptoLab), “The Queen's Gambit Chess” (Ripstone Ltd) or “Sonic Prime Dash” (SEGA HARDlight), which were released this year.

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