Johnny Depp once again appears more cautious and talks about how “lucky” he is to be able to continue working

Johnny Depp In recent years, he got into a serious controversy with his ex-wife. Amber Heard Where they faced trial. Their careers were severely affected and they both lost the jobs they were working in.

Although now little by little Johnny Depp is resuming his career as an actor. The first opportunity he had after the trial ruling was with film Jane de Barry. A French film that was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023. At the time, the actor could only joke that his director and co-star, MaywinI trusted him to participate in the film after he went through this difficult period.

Now, Depp has resurfaced in the UK smiling and holding a sign Noticeable physical change To present the film. It was at the Curzon Theater Mayfair in London, where the 60-year-old narrated how he felt and how his career began playing Louis XV, King of France.

“Feel very lucky They offered me the role; Curious, curious and inversely lucky. Because when Mawen and I first met and talked about the idea of ​​me making the movie and playing Louis Then you realize it You came from nowhere “And suddenly you end up playing the King of France,” Johnny said into the microphones diverse.

Johnny Depp and Maywin present Jean de Barry in the United Kingdom | Getty Images

“It didn’t make sense to me. I tried to dissuade her. But she wouldn’t listen and… He had a lot of courage Including me in this. Whatever we do or experience, I believe and hope you will find it It was worth the agony “This kid has been trying to make a movie for a long time,” he said, referring to himself.

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In addition to these words, he was seen chatting animatedly with directors Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton at the event and wearing nice clothes. Dior suit narrow. In fact, one of the things that attracted the most attention about his reappearance is that he underwent a physical change. He lost weight He has cut his hair ever since he did an ad campaign with Dior and he had to give it a good haircut.

Moreover, a close source spoke with daily Mail He commented that the actor has witnessed a change in his lifestyle: “He was living in the UK during Modi’s liberalization and lived a more sober lifestyle than on previous occasions.”

Jeanne du Barry tells the story of a working-class woman determined to climb the social ladder and uses her charm to escape her impoverished life. At some point, she meets King Louis XV (Johnny Depp) and they fall in love at first sight. It seems that this French story captivated Johnny Depp and encouraged him to return to the big screen with enthusiasm and even speak another language.

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