Can heat affect your cell phone, tablet or PC?

Mexico Face your Second heat wave year, with expected temperatures reaching 48 degrees. High temperatures may expose devices to danger, such as: Cell phone, Tablets And laptopsAccording to experts from HuaweiChinese technology brand.

Specialists also participate in a series of recommendSo that Technological tools Of Mexican users do not suffer harm in this spring hot

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Damage that your cell phone, tablet, or computer can sustain as a result of high temperatures

Heat degrades the useful life of batteries. Cell phone, Tablets And laptopsEspecially if it is lithium, according to a statement issued by Huawei.

“With the heat of spring, it is advisable to be careful about where devices rest when charging, as the heat of the ambient temperature can be a significant increase that may lead to long-term damage to the device.”


If any of these devices are charging while… sun Hit directly against it, it is likely to Temperature Follower a tool Height, which also increases the chances of damage.

Can the heat and humidity of spring damage your smartphone, tablet or PC?
Can heat damage your cell phone? | Photo: Getty Images

Moisture can also damage your computer

the smart phones, Tablets And Wearable devices how Smart watches They have a degree of moisture resistance that protects them from water.

However, laptops typically don’t have the same level of heat resistance. Water vapor From the environment, which made them stop working.

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Recommendations so that your devices are not exposed to heat and humidity

Huawei has published a series of general recommendations so that heat does not significantly damage devices, such as: Cell phone, Tablets And Computers:

  • Avoid charging your cell phone, tablet, or computer in direct sunlight
  • Always use the device’s original charger
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Source: Huawei

when phone It gets hot, you can lower the temperature Close applicationsmove your phone to the shadow Or activate Flight modeAccording to experts from the cybersecurity company avast. These are their recommendations:

  • Close all applications
  • Remove the cell phone from the hot area
  • Remove the case or wrapper
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Ventilate your cell phone with the fan
  • Switch to “Battery Saver” mode.

These measures should be sufficient for any Mobile he amazing On days and nights with Heat wave. Specialists also confirm that it should not be placed Phone to the refrigerator.

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