The UK can grant entry facilities to those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus

Various modes of United kingdom It is almost recognized that the British government can Relax restrictive measures Enter the country for those who have Complete Vaccination Schedule They come from countries painted in amber.

Thus, one can Withdrawal of the mandatory ten-day quarantine At the entrance to the UK you are immune to the coronavirus.

This relaxation will directly affect Spain, which has been advertised in this color for several months despite the Pedro Sanchez government’s insistence on strengthening Britain’s traffic light system.

ApparentlyMatt Hancock, the British Minister of Health, would have offered his arm to be sprained and now he would be “open” to having facilities for the entry of the fortified into British soil.

This new procedure for international travel could come in An important moment like the summer tourist season, which would be expected to be very complex in a British key.

Spain is not progressing

Now, the UK has Spain on the amber list throughout its territory; This is It does not differentiate between mainland Spain and the archipelagoswhich has better epidemiological data.

The lack of regional differentiation has caused discontent from the tourism sector in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, who have since demanded that data from island communities be taken into account. They live largely on British and German tourism.

In this way, the UK government has It is not recommended to travel to countries in amberr In addition, there are strict health procedures for those who wish to return to British soil.

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