The UK Ambassador to Spain visits Matores

Hugh Elliot The UK Ambassador to Spain visited MTorres at its Navarra headquarters in Torres de Elorz. The diplomat was accompanied by his wife, Tony Elliott, and the British Honorary Consul in northern Spain. Jose Luis BriceƱo, To host your visit to Navarra, Juan Miguel SucunzaPresident of the Navarra Business Federation.

They were received by the President, Amparo Losarreta; by Yolanda Torres, vice president; by Jose Manuel Gonzalez Sesma, Director of Technology and Innovation; And by Marisa LosarretaCorporate Services Manager.

They learned first-hand about the business and its different business lines, as well as the current technology innovation challenges the company is addressing.

During the visit, it was learned that MTorres technology has been present in UK companies in the aviation sector, for more than 20 years, with a total of 16 aircraft manufacturing facilities, as well as in the paper converting sector where 250 machines for different processes have been installed, 40 years.

The ambassador visited the company’s facilities, inspected the company’s current activity, and signed the book of honor.

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