Fed aggressiveness hits IBEX 35

IBEX 35 is trading this Thursday with losses in line with global markets, which after the outbreak of the year-end recorded general declines due to the aggressiveness of the Federal Reserve, raising concerns about the spread of the omicron variable.

Investors interpreted the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s December meeting Posted on Wednesday as more aggressive than expected, the immediate sell off of Wall Street stocks was carried over to European markets on Thursday.

After learning about the Fed’s stance, on Thursday markets were in favor of a rate hike by the European Central Bank as early as October.

on this journey, Isabelle Schnabel, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central BankHe will deliver a speech in Frankfurt.

Data to be taken into account in the session

In terms of macroeconomic data, published data showed that German industrial orders rebounded more than expected in November thanks to higher demand from abroad.

Throughout the session, data UK PMI, producer prices for November in Europe, and ISM for December in the US.

In this context, the Spanish selectivity index fell 109.40 points, by 1.24 percent, to 8681.40 points, while the large European stock index, FTSE Eurofirst 300, decreased by 1.24 percent.

Cellnex tops the waterfalls

Cellnex, Europe’s largest operator of mobile phone towers, led the Spanish index’s losses with a 4.27 percent fall, in line with declines in European technology values ​​blamed for the Fed’s hit.

The European tech stock index accelerated its losses and fell 2.6%, heading for its worst drop since December 2 compared to the previous close.

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In the banking sector, Santander lost 1.51 percent, BBVA fell 0.06 percent, Caishabank advanced 0.57 percent, Sabadell fell 0.13 percent, and Bancinter fell 0.23 percent.

Among the large non-financial securities, Telefónica fell 0.34 percent, Inditex lost 1.51 percent, Iberdrola fell 0.87 percent, Cellnex fell 4.29 percent, and the oil company Repsol lost 0, 13 percent.

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